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A Message from our Executive Director.

Families and caregivers of adults with developmental disabilities know the power of love. It creates an environment where loved ones with disabilities feel safe and freer to be who they are: unique individuals who, like all of us, thrive on love.

Love is also what gives us the power to “ReFocus” – to see a whole person, to recognize abilities and skill-sets, instead of disabilities, to see potential – and to gently but constantly challenge them to make life about moving to your full potential, whatever that may be!

When ReFocus opened its first group home in 1972 during the “era of de-institutionalization,” our founders believed that this family-like environment best served the needs of folks who were suddenly being integrated into the broader community. Love them. Build a trusting environment. Challenge them to do their best. Those were the three simple “house rules.” I started working as a student-volunteer at the Agency that year, and I’m proud to say that as a multi-million dollar Agency with 230 employees and a wide array of programs and services, love, trust and challenge is still the core philosophy that guides ReFocus today.

While love is all we really need, we do get by with a little help from friends. Please explore ReFocus’ services and programs. Let us know how we can help you help a loved one move to his or her full potential – and take their rightful place in the community.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Christine M. Kavanagh, R.S.M.

Our Mission

Serving Rhode Island since 1972
ReFocus, Inc. is a non-profit human service agency which serves adults with differing physical and developmental needs. We are an organization of dedicated people offering opportunities for growth in a loving, trusting, and challenging environment. We value and encourage the enhancement of the whole person, each with unique talents and strengths. We also value the right of using these gifts to make informed life choices.